What happens to my claim whilst the UK is in lockdown?

We will continue to process all claims and will be using a combination of people working from home and limited numbers from the office.  The banks are also suffering due to the current crisis and are also operating with lower staff numbers which may cause some further delays.

How can I get an update on my claim?

The easiest way is to email your case handler if you have their email address or email info@credit-hero.co.uk

I have had an offer of refund from the bank when will I get my money?

This is typically within 28 days and if you still have an open bank account with the bank, they will pay the money direct into that so please check.  Alternatively, they will send you a cheque.

Do I still have to pay my invoice?

Yes, you entered into a contract a with Credit Hero and as a small business you making payment is essential to us.

Why is my claim taking so long?

In the run up to the PPI deadline the bank was swamped with millions of new complaints and their systems failed to cope with the demand.  The FCA who regulate the banks have therefore allowed them an unlimited time to deal with the complaints instead of the usual 8 weeks.

How much will it cost me and are there any upfront fees?

At Credit Hero we never charge an upfront fee, not even to cover the cost of requesting information from your lender. Upon successful completion of your claim our fee is 20% plus VAT.

How long will my claim take?

There are a number of variables that effect the length of time your claim will take. Should we need to request the account information from your bank then they have 40 days to provide us with this.  In many circumstance the wait is much less. Upon receipt of our claim letter the bank has 8 weeks to respond. Should the bank decide to not uphold the complaint and we then refer this to the Financial Ombudsman Service, your claim may take over 24 months.

Do I have to complete lots of paperwork?

Here at Credit Hero we want to make to process as easy as possible for you so we will always send you where possible pre-populated documentation following our conversations / emails meaning you simply have to check the details, sign it and return in the freepost envelope we will provide.

How much will I get back?

This largely depends on the amount of finance you have had and how long you have had it. We will get you a refund of all your premiums, interest charged and where applicable an 8% compensatory interest payment.

Will making the claim affect my credit rating?

Absolutely not. The banks have set aside billions of pounds to deal with the refunds. The outcome of your claim will have no bearing on your credit rating or your relationship with the bank.

Was all PPI missold?

Whilst it may seem that the banks have been paying out Payment Protection Insurance refunds for some time now, not all policies were missold. It ultimately depends on the individual circumstances at the time of the sale. This will determine if the policy was missold or not.

At Credit Hero, we can help determine if infact the policy was missold.

Can I claim if I'm bankrupt?

Unfortunately you will need the permission of your trustee in bankrupcy. We would suggest you contact the trustee on how they can help you with your claim.

Can I claim myself?

Yes. You are free to approach the bank directly or use an alternative service such as the Financial Ombudsman Service or the Citizens Advice Bureau. You will be required to deal with the bank’s requests for information and complete the questionairres yourself.

None of the above answer your question? Feel free to Contact Us